Design of China Yellow River Dam with 3DExperience software

China’s Yellow River is one of the world’s most difficult rivers to control. As a result, the Ministry of Water Resources of the People’s Republic of China adopted various flood management plans dedicated to managing and developing this waterway.

Yellow River Engineering Consulting (YREC) is an engineering consulting firm devoted to river management and development, water conservation and hydropower-related projects. The company was restructured into a technology company in 2003 and has since successfully designed and built more than 30 large and middle-scale water conservation facilities and hydropower utilities on the Yellow river and its tributaries.



The project has done using 3DExperience platform.


China is experiencing rapid infrastructure development, which is why there is an increasing need for water management, hydropower and civil engineering projects. The market has huge growth potential and the competition is fierce. If a company wants to win a share of this market, it must improve the design quality of projects as well as its efficiency while reducing costs.


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