A technical and engineering service company assists other companies in all manufacturing stages. The common service that technical and engineering offices and companies offer to manufacturers include analysis, design documentation, prototyping, production, redesign, and reverse engineering.

Offering mass services means to deal with a massive volume of technical information packages for various companies that grow in scale and number every day. Presenting solutions or information packages or accurate, correct, and timely engineering services requires a very powerful and integrated management system.

Project and information management is perhaps the greatest challenge currently faced in this area. Using integrated PLM and ERP solutions is the only solution for managing a mass of information from various customers while guaranteeing the security of all information and processes at all stages.

Which processes and systems enable us to create beautiful, dynamic, and stable buildings and cities?

How can traditional processes of designing and delivering buildings, civil infrastructure, and cities be transformed with the concurrent design system, four-dimensional simulation, automation, digital continuity, and virtual environments? To survive and progress in the post-digital era, any big or small team who works in construction in cities and lands should utilize modern design technologies.

PLM systems implement and integrate knowledge engineering, system engineering, concurrent engineering, change management, and requirement, rules, and standards management to help constructors provide their products to market at the lowest cost and shortest possible time

Gain command of all the design and technical information package stages.

Strengthen your competitive position by creating a value network.

Achieve accurate project management and guarantee timely delivery by complete control over programs.

Use integrated system interactions to offer the best services.

Achieve accurate project management and guarantee timely delivery by having complete control over programs.

Gain a correct analysis and assessment of all possible scenarios for each customer.

Select the correct path for each project with knowledge of available solutions.

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