The EDM Title Drafting Management System

Plan and document drafting management is an important section in technical and research departments in manufacturing enterprises. Technical drafting or planning at every organization follows specific rules and standards that cover various details and define a common policy for various departments. For example:

  • Title, size, dimension, plan type, page number
  • General and specific coding system
  • Abbreviations
  • Plan creation and change dates
  • Plan creators’ and changers’ names and information
  • Plan change reason and area
  • Enterprise logo and intellectual property texts
  • The plan document’s present state in terms of confirmation or approval
  • and others

The various individuals and units involved in producing or drafting technical documents are required to follow specific guidelines in all documents and plans. The large number of technical draft documents at each organization makes traditional management very difficult and time consuming.

The EDM or Enterprise Drafting-block Manager is designed and produced to manage various Title-blocks and Revision-blocks in planning departments for use in the 3DExperience system.



This system enables fully-customized specific plan tables according to the enterprise's needs and the system manager makes central table changes and updates.

This software’s features include:

  • Framing and drawing tables with specified characteristics
  • Full support of the solar calendar
  • Company logo
  • Centralized Title-block and Revision-block management
  • Automatic information statement in plans
  • Receiving manual data from the user and recording it in the plan
  • and others