Introducing the Simcenter Software Suite

The Simcenter software suite is an actual yet virtual laboratory that helps engineers to simulate, analyze, and test various system in a specialized manner and a unified suite under the Siemens PLM platform (fully integrated with SolidEdge, NX, and Teamcenter).

To verify product performance with the Digital Twin approach, this suite uses system simulation, analysis, and test exclusively to help engineers predict product or system performance with all important features by cycle, and to combine simulations according to the physics and predictions obtained from data analysis to optimize the design and increase innovation in the product portfolio.

The Simcenter suite’s specific applications include:

1. System Engineering

Predicting multi-specialty systems' performance in the conceptual design stage using available tools, including complete, universal, and prepared libraries in Simcenter, helps system engineers to create realistic models, simulate and analyze multi-specialty mechatronic systems, evaluate and validate control strategies, and save time and costs. This software provides specific solutions to increase the design quality in a short time and enables engineers to make correct and appropriate decisions.

This software's toolset is useful for modeling, simulating, and analyzing mechatronic systems. The models designed are described with time-dependent nonlinear analytics equations, which represent the behavior of hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal, electrical, and mechanical systems; and a set of libraries is available for designing simulation models that include predetermined components for various physical domains.

2. CAE Analysis

CAE's applications in the Simcenter suite include finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), multibody dynamics (MBD), and optimizations. The existing integrated tools enable various ordinary static and tension analysis, dynamic analysis and mechanism modeling, fluid analysis and heat transfer, and in general, simulation, validation, and optimization.


Physical Tests

The Simcenter suite provides a complete and integrated engineering environment based on testing to obtain accurate and effective simulations using virtual testing tools. This software is certainly the most comprehensive engineering analysis tool, can test nearly all complex engineering processes, and is designed to perform non-destructive tests and minimize analysis time without information loss.


Design Validation

The Simcenter suite includes an efficient and easy multi-disciplinary data analysis framework that is easily integrated into existing design and simulation tools, uses high-efficiency computational infrastructure, and accelerates performance prediction and design modification and revision decisions with its integration into CAD-CAM software.


Simulation Data Management

The Simcenter suite is integrated with Teamcenter for data management, analysis, and sharing over the product lifecycle. This feature saves simulation and analysis results in data storage and provides the results in various comparison graphs to engineers of various fields during the product lifecycle after updating online according to the defined access levels. These features enable organizations to record and manage data, processes, knowledge, and long-term value, and effectively manage complex simulation data.


Engineering and Consulting Services

The Simcenter suite allows companies to expand their abilities in various product engineering fields and address design problems, giving enterprises a flexible team with multi-specialty know-how and talent who can expand their engineering and consulting services to other companies.


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