Training services based on the establishment and implementation of systems cover the entire product life cycle from the time of idea generation and management of production engineering and operational processes to the provision of after-sales service.
Our relationship with the research and development centers of large companies and use of modern and standard methods for producing technical knowledge and educational content according to the requirements of industries and Iran’s scientific centers ensures customers that the integrated enterprise system installation training department meets the highest quality and international standards.
For the first time in Iran, the training services for installing and implementing the introduced systems encompass the entire product lifecycle from conceptualization and engineering to manufacturing process management, and providing after-sales services.
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Enterprise Governance

Project and Portfolio Management
Information Classification Management
Document Control and Security Management
Engineering Change Management
Bill of Materials Management
Product Configuration and Variant Management
Supply Chain Management
Requirement and Human Resource Management
Process Integration and Organizational Communications Management

Manufacturing Engineering Management

Bill of Materials Management
3D Production Line Planning and Balance
Manufacturing Resource and Equipment Management
Factory and Production Line Design
Cell and Manufacturing Process Simulation
Simulating Real Human Behavior at Production Lines
Manufacturing Equipment Simulation (Machining, Robotics, etc.)
Manufacturing Documentation Management and Control

Resource Management

Human Resource and Instrument Management
Contract and Resource Support Management
Salary Management
Traffic Control Management and Related Reports
Educational and Contractual Affairs Management
Staff Information Management
HSE Management

Logistics Management

Inventory and Warehouse Cell Management
Product Coding Management
Product Measurement and Valuation Management
Product Category and Warehouse Handing Management
Tracking and Entry and Exit Management
Receiving Standard Reports and Data Analysis

Three-Dimensional Modeling

3D Equipment and Product Design
Advanced Surface Design and Optimization
Electrical and Electronic System Design
Piping System Design
Structural Unit Design
Urban Planning and Construction Architecture
Standard part management
Standard Part Management
Design Management with Concurrent Engineering

Quality Guarantee and Control Management

Problematic Incident and Risk Management
Incompatibility Management
CTQ Management
Special Attribute Management
Quality Control and Inspection Project Management
Improvement and Remedial Action Project Management
Enterprise Audit, Materials, and Supplier Management
Unified Quality Guarantee and Control Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Information and Information Management
Customer Credit Management
Credit Ceiling Management
Customer Validation and Audit Management
Communications Management and Recording Customers’ Financial Documents
Sales Action and Opportunity Management
Receiving Standard Reports and Data Analysis

Repair and Maintenance Management

Planning and Spare Part Supply Management
Unified MRP Management in Spare Part Supply
Preventative and Correctional Repair Management
Equipment Calibration Management
Repair Cost Management
PM Documentation Management and Control
Record Management and Obtaining Standard Reports


Structural Dynamics and Mechanical Analysis
Flow and Fluid Dynamics Analysis
Thermal Coupling Analysis
Vibrational and Acoustic Analysis
Mechatronic System Design
Dynamic Mechanism and System Simulation
Process and Workflow Analysis Design
Analysis Data Evaluation and Comparison
Optimal Design Management

Financial Management

Bank Account Management
Received Document Management
Payment Documents and Check Management
Income and Cash Payment Management
Registering Bank Invoices and Producing Trade Statement
Purchase Management
Sales Management
Receiving Financial Reports and Data Management

Manufacturing Process Management

Manufacturing Management and Planning
Manufacturing Order and Order Point Management
Control and Material Requirement Planning Management
Manufacturing Consumption and Waste Management
Manufacturing Management and Document Control
Division of Manufacturing Station Capacity
Receiving Standard Reports and Data Analysis

After-sale Service Management

Support Management from Customer Relations Centers
Unified Classification of Risky Incidents
Financial Management and Specifying Service Rates
Warranty Information and Service Contract Information Management
Product Quality Inspection Management
Managing the Relationship between After-sale Services and Product Engineering and Design Departments
Receiving Standard Reports and Data Analysis