The spread of PLM systems as the largest integrated enterprise software suites, the amount of information and number of objects in the organization will grow massively after a short time.

During this period, using the powerful search feature and indexing system is one of the most important ways of quick information access. 3DExperience uses the powerful Exalead search engine and is a leader in enterprise search technology. It will find the desired documents from millions of documents in the shortest possible time.



3DAdvanceSeach is one of our customized products for enterprises that use Dassault Systemes PLM systems, which can be implemented and executed in various sections and modules according to the organization's requirements and Data Schema structure.

Due to the massive volume of information, customized search engines are valuable for various customized documents or creating complex search constraints.

This software has the following features:

  • Web-based module for use in Enovia
  • Defining numerous complex search constraints
  • Looking up search results
  • Optimization for faster search in custom data types