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Consulting and Feasibility Services

Expert and Engineering Training

Design, simulation, and reverse engineering

Customizing universal PLM and ERP systems

Who are our customers ?

We provide technical and engineering services to a wide range of industries. Each of our customers in various industries have their specific characteristics, requirements, and needs. With skilled engineers and consultants, we help you to turn your upcoming challenges to business opportunities

Which solutions do we use?

We use the latest technology and software systems to provide enterprise solutions to our customers. The largest and most advanced companies in the world are using Siemens, Dassault Systemes, and SAP products. You can also tap the latest technology.

Executing a wide variety of complex analyses, finit-element, multiphysics and realistic simulation in the automotive, aerospace, marine, industrial equipment, and other industries.

Managing, designing, simulating, and optimizing the production line and all the manufacturing stages and processes in various operational cells of factories to achive the digital lean manufactoring.

Popular design and modeling software for complex surfaces and components that is widely-known in the automotive, aircraft, and power plant industries as well as designing complex industrial components.

3DExperience by Dassault Systemes is the strongest and most well-known product life cycle management system, which is highly used in many large industrial companies around the world.

SAP's famous and best-selling enterprise resource planning software to cover the small and medium sized businesses including many modules for financial, production, inventory and so on.

The universal product lifecycle management system by Siemens company which manages all the product lifecycle stages from concept design to production, project management and recycling.

A well-equipped laboratory for simulations, scientific discovery, and research and development in chemistry, materials, and biosciences in the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology.

Solidworks is one of the most used CAD programs to design, assembly and drafting which is incredibly powerful, feature-rich and enables the creation of almost any shape that is imaginable.

Our services

Our services include various integrated product lifecycle management systems, enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, diverse technical and engineering services, and specialized consultancy.

Implementing PLM Solutions

Product lifecycle management solutions are a key step in achieving universal management in all of companies’ production and engineering needs to reduce production time and improve product quality.

Expert and Engineering Training

Our technical and engineering training services is codified with a focus on the advanced sciences required by industrial companies and is fully compatible with the standard rubrics of technology holdings such as SAP, Dassault Systemes, and Siemens.

Design, Analysis, and Simulation

Our expertise partly includes industrial product advanced design services using the latest technology along with a wide range of dynamic and finite element analysis to produce the technical information packages that enterprises demand.

Implementing ERP Solutions

Organizations can use enterprise resource planning systems to instantly manage and supervise all of their quantitative and qualitative indicators and dedicate more time to market expansion.

Consulting and Feasibility Services

Enterprise consulting, assessment, establishment, implementation, standardization, training, and support services for universal ERP and PLM systems include diverse specialized activities by our skilled and experienced company.

Customizing Total Systems

Installing and using the universal and internationally standard integrated systems requires specific customizations and localization of software for use in Iran, which necessitates advanced knowledge of their architecture.

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