Simulia.V6 is capable of simple linear analysis as well as the most complex nonlinear modeling. This software includes a wide variety of elements that can be used in modeling various materials with different properties and behavior, including metals, rubbers, polymers, composites, reinforced concrete, spring and brittle foam, and geotechnical materials such as soil and rocks.

Since Simulia is a general and widespread modeling tool, it is not restricted to analyzing solid mechanics (strain-stress problems). This software can be used to study various problems, including heat and mass transfer, thermal analysis of electrical components, acoustics, secretion, and piezoelectric.

The distinguishing features of this software include:

  • An intuitive user interface with incredibly diverse features
  • Analysis and resolution of static and dynamic problems
  • Advanced and precise modeling and simulation


This software allows for online cooperation in the PLM cycle and a graphical environment (similar to Catia.V6) during virtual tests and compliance with the subject’s performance characteristics, and provides a powerful tool for analysis designers and engineers to improve the real performance of parts, components, and products designed with Catia.V6. Specifically, all finite element analysis tools are available in Catia, and any geometric change will affect the results. This software’s advantages in product lifecycle include its innovative online and global cooperation feature, creating online cooperation and innovation, a unified infrastructure for IP management, preparedness for commercial processes, and obtaining real product behavior, form, and performance.

  • Mechanical-thermal finite element analyzes
  • Vibration-acoustic finite element analyzes
  • Finite Element Analysis of Flow and Fluid Dynamics
  • Structural finite element analysis
  • Composite finite element analysis
  • Investigating the function of different components and human behavior
  • Simulation and finite element analysis of contact, collision
  • Finite element simulation and analysis of forming and welding




Areas of work for Simulia.V6 software
Composites Analysis
Live Simulation Review
Structural-Pore Pressure
Advanced Structural Analysis
Scenario Definition
Structural Analysis
Natural frequency response
Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian
Realistic behavior
Model Editor
Surface FE Modeling

For more information on this software, view the following demo:

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