The crucial part of modeling, simulating, and calculating various medical and biological problems in the 3DExperience product lifecycle management software suite takes place in Biovia, and its main function is molecular mechanics simulation.

Alongside Simulia, this software excels in simulating various organs and other interdisciplinary physical topics, accelerates component and medical equipment optimization and performance assessment process, performs finite element analysis for ensuring material and product reliability and safety before production and producing physical prototypes, and builds specialized biological centers in the research and development section to conceptualize, simulate, and manage current activities and projects



Biovia’s features include the following:

  1. Molecular mechanics calculations (MM) using CHARMm c41b1
  2. Supporting a wide-range of energy functions, including CGenFF, charmm36, charmm27, charmm22, CHARMm, CHARMm-polarH, CFF, and MMFF
  3. Full support of the CHARMM partition mechanism
  4. Fast and precise protein and residual pKs ionization using the CHARMm born solvent model (GB)
  5. Providing a fast drinking water solvent method using the optional anti-ions suitable for massive molecular systems.



Medtronic is one of the largest medical technology companies in the world in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and musculoskeletal disorders, and has used the PLM technology in research and development to conduct many successful scientific projects and achieve the following milestones:

  • Reducing scientific and research project execution time by effective and integrated process and resource management
  • Increasing the safety factor using the virtual simulation function on actual scientific subjects



Biovia also integrates all the research and industrial tools on biological and engineering sciences for a large organization, which eliminates the need for other software for large research, engineering, and industrial projects.



Another advantage of Biovia is creating virtual laboratories, simulations, and tests, which reduces organizations’ training costs and increases profitability

Biovia’s other advantages include the organization’s ability to simulate various surgeries, evaluate medicines’ effect on the body, increasing the safety factor and lifecycle of medical equipment, massive reduction in human error in biological sciences, improve efficiency, improve quality and compatibility, reduce costs, and accelerate product release or service to customers.




Hence, this software fully optimizes the four important parameters of cost, time, quality, and profit, and improves the overall organizational progress in various product lifecycle stages

After integration, various enterprise teams can use new methods throughout the product lifecycle, from the initial concept to production and commercialization, or scientific research, access management, organization, analysis, and sharing scientific information.



For more information on this software, view the following demo:

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