Solid Edge

Solid Edge is a very powerful design and simulation software. This advanced software, alongside other Siemens software including Teamcenter, provides engineers with unique features in industrial design and part simulation before manufacturing.

It helps electronic, mechanical, process, manufacturing, and metallurgy engineers to implement their engineering ideas professionally while simulating real component working conditions and obtaining comprehensive information. This software consists of four main phases, namely Design, Simulation, Manufacturing, and Data Management, which guide engineers at every step.



The 3D maps produced in real conditions are analyzed and simulated in the simulation phase. Thermal analysis and tension simulation represent a glimpse into the software's capabilities in simulation tests. At this stage, engineers can observe their parts’ working conditions in fully industrial and real environments in real-time and apply their desired modifications if necessary. In the manufacturing phase, the software allows for producing parts and helps engineers to evaluate production processes, including sheet metal and shaping, rolling and press.



Key Features of Solid Edge: Solid Edge:

  • Advanced 3D design and modeling of mechanical components and printed-circuit electrical systems
  • Design data management
  • Simulating and performing various engineering analyses
  • Simulating parts manufacturing processes
  • Simulating parts manufacturing processes
  • Receiving detailed analyses reports
  • Managing thousands of libraries and millions of standard parts
  • Utilizing the powerful Femap simulation engine
  • Compatible with other Siemens software, including NX


For more information on this software, view the following demo:

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