Siemens NX

NX is a PLM management software offered by Siemens with many applications in industry. It is a powerful CAD/CAM/CAE software on the global scale, and was first created by EDS and ordered by McDonnell Douglas in 1960, which is known today as Boeing, for use in the aerospace industry, and has been used since in other industries.

The most important features of NX include its finite element design, modeling, and simulation capability of equipment, parts, and assembled sets using a unified user interface.



Indubitably, this software is the main competitor to Catia.V6, and version 12’s advancements have made it faster and arguably more intuitive while reducing its design error compared to previous versions.

The important features of this software include its very high part design speed, machining process simulation environments, and standard part and catalog management. This software is fully compatible and can be integrated with other Siemens PLM modules, including Teamcenter. The most important features of this software include:

  • Designing various mechanical and electrical systems, structures, and piping system in a multidisciplinary manner and obtaining standard plans
  • • Managing design data, materials list, and design processes to increase product efficiency and profitability (with Teamcenter integration)
  • Very high part modeling capability
  • Incredibly powerful user interface
  • Communication with industrial production equipment, including CNC machines
  • Finite element analysis of components and advanced simulation of mechanisms
  • Standard part management
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