Delmia.V6 is used for virtual simulation of the build and production process in the PLM solution. This software facilitates innovative online cooperation for all the individuals involved in the productions process, from the start of virtual reality and system definition, optimization, scheduling, and manufacture to repair and maintenance in real production systems, and coordinates all departments in a single system with manufacturing lifecycle management (MLM) with online cooperation in a virtual 3D world.



 Delmia.V6 is a powerful engineering software for designing factories and manufacturing units, and allows the engineers, managers, and investors of factories to evaluate the product in terms of application, production cost, customers’ needs, and other parameters months prior to production in a fully three-dimensional (3D) environment; and then to produce the production guidelines in video, presentation, and HTML report format according to all production stages, resources, and cycles.

This software gives managers the ability to make correct and timely decisions with access to updated production lifecycle information and provides a product engineering process for maximum production efficiency, cost savings, desirable quality, and the lowest release time. This software’s advantages in various fields include innovation based on online and global cooperation, an experience of real product form in the organization, creating a single PLM platform for managing the product’s intellectual ownership, a space for online cooperation and innovation, preparedness for commercial processes in PLM solutions, and expending less ownership cost or return on investment, which are explained as follows.



Innovation Based on Online and Global Cooperation

Delmia.V6 provides production and manufacturing information to the entire organization. With the integrated and powerful V6 platform, the necessary staff in the PLM solution have access to individuals, teams, IP, and manufacturing assets, which accelerates innovation and sharing with the spread of the knowledge network by online cooperation.


Experience the Real Product at the Organization

With the extensive changes to the unique 3D data structure related to production manufacturing, the V6 platform provides a 3D PLM environment for locating, viewing, and licensing IP during production stages. Furthermore, 3DExperience’s 3D environment provides an intuitive new experience in production planning, which enables planners to define a process using their natural and mental approach in the 3D environment.



Creating an Integrated PLM Platform for Product IP Management PLM

The V6 platform connects all enterprise departments and processes in a unified structure, which accelerates innovation in various engineering and manufacturing departments and prevents the dissemination of similar information and knowledge.


Creating an Online Space for Cooperation and Innovation

Nowadays, the demand for globalized manufacturing necessitates the cooperation space that the V6 platform provides, which offers connectivity and cooperation for optimal decision making at any time and place. The V6 platform facilitates web-based access to all production data, including resources, processes, and groups, which enables cooperation and innovation across the global supply chain.


Ready for Commercial Processes in the PLM Solution PLM

Using the management concepts of commercial process in the PLM approach turns preparedness for build and manufacturing into a complete part of enterprise management.



Lower Ownership Cost، Return on Investment

The V6 platform reduces the installation and operation time, server maintenance and management, provides a unified database for all commercial manufacturing processes and relevant and shared cooperation, and reduces the enterprise IT department’s costs. The service-based architecture of V6 also facilitates integration and coordination with existing systems and business process modeling without the need for programming skill and supports the adapted commercial model. Therefore, the required investment for user training drops to its minimum and human resources are used optimally.

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