Aerospace and Military

The aerospace and military industries face an assortment of challenges. The sensitivity involved in verifying an airplane component is much more complex than a car’s or industrial machine’s component, and no expenses are spared for creating publishable information and documents

In the aerospace and defense industry, the higher customer expectations (lower cost, higher standards, and improved abilities) are accompanied by increased program complexity to make competition all the more challenging.

The growing complexity of design, build, and delivery systems means that parts manufacturers and suppliers need to accelerate innovation and improve efficiency to be leaner in their production level. This requires a new method for conceptualizing, designing, building, testing, verifying, and maintaining aerospace vehicles

PLM systems enable such industries to significantly improve their technical performance and reduce their project costs. Implementing PLM enterprise-wide will allow for simultaneous evaluation of all technical performance systems in an integrated environment to share the best operational methods for the entire enterprise. This enterprise-wide integration can be local or at the supplier or customer level.

Use 360-degree planning, simulation, and instant supervision in real-time.

Improve production quality with integrated change management, supplier tracking, and real-time follow-up of quality issues.

Build and assemble the virtual prototype before manufacturing through comprehensive simulation and analysis.

Quickly attain the necessary standards and qualitative requirements.

Identify incompatibilities and make early corrections.

Reduce the reworks that can negatively affect your profitability and performance.

Become leaner by creating continuous and multilateral interaction in the supply and manufacturing system.

Focus on innovation and quality.

Reduce operational costs with automation.

Increase efficiency while reducing risk.

Transfer the supply and maintenance requirements of the machinery involved in the manufacturing process.

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