Introducing Tecnomatrix

Nowadays, all companies face the challenges of daily price and production time increase as well as globalization. Logistics is a key to success since the company’s capital could be wasted with inefficient plans, local instead of global optimization, inefficient resource allocation, and poor efficiency. Tecnomatrix Plant Simulation is a Siemens product and a powerful tool for managing resources and production line processes, production line balance, production planning, and designing and simulating factories and robot cells. This software can simulate all important production factors, including automation systems, to start a fully-digital factory



Digital models enable production managers to simulate and test the system in all conditions and functions that will be implemented in the future to ensure that the system is functional before execution. This software provides production managers and engineers with various analysis tools, such as crisis analysis, statistics and graphs for evaluating various product models, and the information needed for careful, fast, and reliable decisions in the initial stages of production planning.



This software will enable you to model and simulate your manufacturing systems and processes and control and optimize the material flow, resource use, and logistics. This software gives managers the ability to make correct and timely decisions with access to updated production lifecycle information, and provides a product engineering process for maximum production efficiency, cost savings, desirable quality, and the lowest release time.



The most important features of Tecnomatrix include:

  • Production planning
  • 3D factory and manufacturing process design and simulation
  • Manufacturing document and instruction simulation
  • Simulating and managing human behavior in the work environment
  • System optimization using the genetic algorithm
  • Production line energy consumption simulation, analysis, and optimization
  • 3D production line and resource balancing
  • 3D management of bill of materials
  • Upgrading the system for cost-effectiveness and higher efficiency


For more information on this software, view the following demo:

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