The 3DExperience Software Suite

In 2013, a new and improved version of the Dassault Systemes product lifecycle management software called 3DExperience based on the V6 platform was introduced globally. It is a more comprehensive version and different from 3DPLM.2, but shares the same structure (under the common V6 platform), and the software purchased and produced by this company from 2010 to 2013 all contribute to product lifecycle management in this single integrated suite. This suite includes integrated software in three-dimensional modeling, management, and information and data sharing, product information and data intelligence, simulation, analysis, production, engineering, and product design. The following figure shows the 3DExperience system’s features.

The 3DExperience system includes the following software:


1. Enovia

It is a powerful tool for product information, database, and project team management, creating an online interaction environment between enterprise staff, project beneficiaries, suppliers, customers, and consumers throughout the product lifecycle, as well as knowledge management.View Product)


2. Catia

User interactive 3D design environments, 3D design and modeling, system and equipment simulation and optimization, and creating integrated environments at all product development stages.View Product)


3. Simulia

Simulating real-world product performance, accelerating the performance assessment process, finite element analysis to ensure material and product reliability and safety before production, and producing physical prototypes.View Product)


4. Delmia

A powerful software for simulating and optimizing the build and production process, evaluating product quality and production process, and creating a virtual 3D factory with equipment, humans, and robots.View Product)


5. Biovia

It is used for modeling, simulating, and calculating various problems in medical and biological sciences, and its main application is in molecular mechanics simulation.View Product)


In addition to the aforementioned services, other web-based services including 3Dswym (information gathering), 3DDashboard (a powerful user and management dashboard), 3DComment and 3DNotification (intelligent issue and knowledge management), Exalead (data intelligence), Geovia (designing and managing geological activities, resources, etc.), and tens of other features such as full integration with the Office suite has elevated 3DExperience to the leading spot in terms of features among well-known systems.

As the following figure shows, reputable global companies such as Boeing, Gem, SMS, Demag, Airbus, Nokia, Panasonic, Buhler, Toyota, Samsung, and thousands of other large and small enterprises use this technology and software suite in an organized manner in all industrial fields, such as steel production, electronics, oil, gas, and petrochemicals, automotive, aerospace, and other industries.




The advantages of using this software suite along with implementing the PLM solution, which can transform enterprises, include:

  • Massive enterprise progress in engineering, production, and commerce
  • Competitiveness in various engineering fields with large and small companies
  • The ability to execute large intra- and extra-organizational projects
  • Complete removal of island software from organizations in favor of a software suite
  • The ability to address technical and engineering problems related to various sections of production and design
  • Saving time and cost and improving engineering department efficiency
  • Creating a powerful database for the enterprise engineering department
  • Online and direct information transfer and sharing between experts and consultants from various departments (concurrent engineering)
  • Managing engineering information from experts, consultants, and managers in a single suite
  • Removing human error from various departments by focusing on creating 3D models of components
  • Creating an operation cost assessment mechanism in each phase of the project in various engineering departments
  • Automatically creating all engineering documents for similar equipment and changing the relevant variables
  • The ability to easily change standard equipment parameters and relevant documents
  • Comprehensive and integrated management of the design process and analysis and simulation of industrial equipment
  • Creating a specific system for optimizing processes and observing the antecedence and precedence of activities
  • Simultaneously using all CAE, CAM, and CAD tools in large industrial projects
  • Saving all engineering information, financial resources, and project documentation in a single database
  • Creating various roles and information access levels and managing them at the enterprise-level
  • Online communication between a project’s members and information sharing
  • Managing equipment documentation and their dependent variables in similar projects while reducing implementation time
  • Sharing engineering knowledge online by data integration (knowledge engineering)
  • Saving time and cost by reusing preliminary information and past experiences, and creating a product optimization framework
  • Reducing cost, increasing speed, improving quality, and higher sales and revenue


These goals are achieved using the numerous technologies and features made available in this suite, including integration and comprehensiveness in various engineering sections, direct correlation between various engineering sciences in a single suite, elimination of human error, knowledge management and online consultation between design teams, integration of over 150 work environments and a product optimization framework, determining access rights to project information, determining data evolution and states, and saving the data in a single information database, which will be explained next




This software suite will meet all the engineering requirements of large industrial enterprises, including design, analysis, simulation, build, and product project management in other engineering sciences, and no other software will be needed for massive intra and extra-organizational engineering and industrial projects. This suite performs all the activities related to the product in a single suite. As mentioned in the history section, products ranging from millimeter-scale parts to massive industrial factories, petrochemical units, airplanes, or spacecrafts can be designed, analyzed, simulated, and managed using this integrated software suite. Due to this feature, island software can be removed from the entire enterprise or become 2nd or 3rd degree software for the intra or extra-organizational activities related to production.



The Relationship between Various Engineering Sciences in a Single Unit

Engineering tasks performed using this suite go much further than the normal or specialized software in various fields, since this suite integrates other engineering sciences and contributes to lifecycle evolution. For example, the electricity, mechanics, industrial automation, hydraulics, and pneumatic teams can easily and completely simulate and operate a factory or project virtually in computers, and completely implement the concepts of concurrent engineering.

Concurrent engineering is a design method for developing and producing products that simultaneously considers all processes. This method is founded on teamwork and using work techniques, and improves organizational efficiency.



Eliminating Human and Systemic Errors

The unique logic of this suite eliminates human error from engineering activities. During various product design stages, 3D design, advanced impact analysis, finite element mechanical-fluid analyses, coupling, and virtual simulations will prevent human error from interfering in production and enterprises will be able to offer massive engineering sets to the global market with the highest quality and minimal error.



Global Competitiveness

Using this suite fully optimizes the four important parameters of cost, time, quality, and profit, and improves the overall progress of the company in various product lifecycle stages. As a result, the organization can improve its position in global markets by producing competitive products.




 Online Design Team Consultation

This suite enables an audiovisual connection and remote file editing by various design teams. The organization's staff can establish an online video and text connection anywhere in the world and share their opinions and ideas on the product's operations.



The Integration of Over 150 User Interfaces in One GUI

This suite integrates all software applications from various fields, especially engineering software (CAD, CAM, and CAE) with a single graphical interface functioning as a single piece of software. Transferring one environment to another is easy and instantaneous and does not require format conversion.



For more information on this software, view the following demo:

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